Stained Glass Info

SG-28While most of my work is contemporary, it is not limited to this style. I work closely with each client to create one of a kind art that will be enjoyed and passed from generation to generation. Stained glass is an art that will add color and design to any room, provide privacy or make a home entrance more inviting. These pieces are designed to be free standing or as window panels, transoms, sidelights, cabinet doors and lighting.

An initial consultation will be done to view the area for the project. Measurements are taken of the area and design possibilities discussed. An estimate will be given for the approximate cost and timeframe for completion.

SG-23Sketches are then created. The client’s ideas are welcomed and will be converted into a “glass friendly” rendering. When the design has been chosen and finalized, a full-scale template of the design will be completed on paper and final measurements taken. A paper pattern is created. Glass color and texture are selected with the client’s input.
The stained glass piece is then fabricated to the desired measurements. Each piece of glass is hand cut and assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. Copper foil or lead techniques are utilized depending upon the project. It is then lead soldered, cleaned and polished.
The client is notified when the final piece is ready for installation, delivery or pick up.

SG-12All of the stained glass created is custom made to order and site specific. The price of a piece is based on size, complexity of the design and materials used. Creation of a design, specialty glass or bevels and installation are additional factors that are considered in the cost as well.

My goal is to honor centuries old techniques, using an artful eye and technical precision to create beautiful works of art that meet or exceed my client’s expectations.